For large number of agriculturists in India, there are very few extension agents or crop advisors. This is a known fact that majority farmers are less literate and conventional techniques of cropping are not very effective. Further, problems of steady decline in cultivable land and stagnating yields have been aggravated with increasing weather risks due to changing climatic pattern. Low level of literacy inhibits farmers to gain access to useful informaton, which are available in books, internet or other electronic medium. This knowledge gap can only be bridged through ICT.

E-KrishakSahyogi has been envisaged to address above problem of accessibility of useful and timely information by small and marginal farmers. This is an applet on tab offering gateway to solution of farm-specific queries of small farmers. Farmers can learn cropping techniques with modern technologies using high definition 3-D animation videos or multi-media slideshow videos. Also, they can access other relevant and timely information in the audio, pictures and text format. Besides, Farmers can also do live conferencing with experts and can watch live auctioning of vegetables in mandis by using tablets with data access through 3 G technology. This initiative helps saving their time as well as cost of traveling and enables them to exchange information on real time basis.  

This is a modest effort by Indian Society of Agribusiness Professionals.  ISAP is working with around one lakh farmers in different states. ISAP has decided to start with a pilot of e-krishaksahyogi in Jaipur district of Rajasthan, where it is working with 5000 vegetable growers. For this, ISAP has been actively supported by Wireless Reach Initiative of Qualcomm. Qualcomm’s Wireless Reach initiative is a strategic program that brings wireless technology to underserved communities globally. Wireless Reach initiative has 73 projects in various stages of development in 31 countries.

We are hopeful that this initiative of ISAP supported by Qualcomm will transform farmer education programs much more interesting to all age-levels and much needed direction in assimilating modern techniques in farming.